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SeePoint kiosks advancing city transportation goals in Virginia’s capital city

Los Angeles, CA - Tuesday, July 15, 2014 -

In the midst of overhauling its transportation infrastructure, the city of Richmond reached out to SeePoint Technology: Help us deliver the city’s diverse transportation options to commuters and visitors more effectively. SeePoint responded by deploying its VantagePoint Print kiosks to the Virginia capital, all loaded with a custom GUI (graphic user interface) that offers a visually rich, cohesive snapshot of real-time transportation options and routes, plus disperses visitor information. 

“We decided to go with SeePoint, who were great to work with, and open to changes throughout the entire process,” says Viktoria Badger, Principal Planner at City of Richmond Department of Economic and Community Development. “The kiosks arrived on time, and looked just the way we wanted them to.” 

The goal of the kiosks? “To provide transit information from our multi-model transportation center,” says Ms. Badger. “We wanted to provide the connectivity from Main Street Station to link in to the Greater Richmond Transit Company, which is our local bus company. We’re also moving the Virginia Welcome Center here [to the Main Street Station], so we will be tying in tourism, so visitors can understand the transit system easily.”

The SeePoint kiosks are strategically installed at high-traffic transit stations in the Virginia capital in order to serve the greatest number of visitors and commuters. Users step up to the freestanding VantagePoint Print kiosks to quickly access real-time train, bus and taxi routes along with trip planning tools, ride-share options, airport information and more. 

Operating within a secure browser, the interactive GUI, designed by SeePoint, is visually inviting and user-friendly, its screens filled with oversize buttons that allow users to seamlessly access all corners of the city’s diverse transportation network. According to SeePoint CEO Jonathan Arfin: “We designed the graphic interface to neatly bring together the city’s diverse transportation options in one place, and deliver a better experience for commuters and visitors.” 

The VantagePoint Print kiosk was chosen for its good looks, smart engineering and durability. “We like the style of the kiosk,” says Ms. Badger. “Our transit system and ride sharing system have been using them, so we wanted to be consistent. And it fits in nicely with the historic character of the National Historic Landmark of Main Street Station.” 

Cleanly designed, with a small footprint (just under two feet deep) the kiosk is constructed from vandal resistant steel and comes fully assembled, so it can be set up and maintained by non-technical staff. Free of wires, cables and exposed USB ports, the kiosk is engineered to withstand vandalism and unintended usage—making it ideal for unattended public environments. Each SeePoint kiosk is equipped with a 22-inch touchscreen monitor and keyboard, both tamper-proof, and a specialized thermal printer, securely locked in the body of the kiosk, that speedily produces user-selected transportation and visitor information. 

Designed for public installation, the VantagePoint Print has ample space for signage. Its front cabinet and overhead spaces can be utilized to display paid ads and public announcements, ranging from permanently silk screened logos to temporary acrylic signs that can be easily replaced by onsite staff. 

“There are many towns and cities that want to expand public services or make them more efficient, but don’t necessarily want or need to hire additional employees,” says Jeff Goldstein, vice president of sales at SeePoint Technology. “In these and other cases, we can create a custom GUI and house it in a user-friendly, secure kiosk. This is an incredibly cost-effective and reliable way to offer real time information and services to citizens of all ages and user-abilities.” 

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About the City of Richmond’s Department of Economic & Community Development (ECD)

The Department of Economic & Community Development is dedicated to building the Richmond economy through both traditional economic development and neighborhood revitalization programs. With partnerships at the local, regional, state and federal level, the City of Richmond continues to make transportation infrastructure a top priority.For more information, visit

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