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SeePoint kiosks fast-track orders for Herbalife distributors at U.S. manufacturing facilities

Los Angeles, CA - Wednesday, September 17, 2014 -

In the high-tech lobby of an Herbalife manufacturing facility, a line of shiny steel kiosks lie in wait for an Herbalife distributor, who can step up, briskly input their orders and depart, printout in hand. The nutrition company, looking to ramp up manufacturing capabilities to meet a growing global demand, has installed SeePoint kiosks at its U.S. manufacturing facilities to process distributor orders. 

“Herbalife has done a great job of creating a system that allows them to distribute nutritional products throughout the world,” says Jonathan Arfin, CEO of SeePoint. “Our VantagePoint Print kiosks fit into their infrastructure perfectly. The kiosks are a secure pipeline that feeds orders straight from the distributor’s hands into the processing stream at a facility. It’s easy for distributors to use and completely low maintenance from an operations perspective. Plus, it comes with a ton of built-in security features.”

Herbalife first ordered SeePoint kiosks for its facility in Lake Forest, California, then added additional units at its manufacturing site in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The commercial-grade durability of the VantagePoint Print and its user-friendly design makes the model an ideal choice for a processing facility or warehouse environment, where conditions are rugged and live staff are not always in attendance if something goes wrong.

“You can smash a hammer into the keyboard or pour a cup of hot coffee over it and it won’t blink,” says Jeff Goldstein, vice president of sales at SeePoint. “The VantagePoint Print is constructed from solid steel down to the keyboard, and there are no exposed cables, ports or wires, so it’s tamper-proof and withstands unauthorized usage and hacking.” 

With its focus on high production, Herbalife sought kiosks that could perform on a 24/7 basis with little to no oversight. Each VantagePoint Print kiosk has a built-in thermal printer that never needs replacement ink or toner, and holds a large-capacity, 1,000-foot roll of paper.

When restocking is needed, it’s accomplished easily via a key-lock cabinet that also shields the unit from dirt and the rigors of everyday use. Herbalife’s sprawling facility in Winston-Salem spans over one mile and has the capacity to produce in excess of 150 million units per year, yet the SeePoint kiosks occupy just a modest amount of space. “The VantagePoint Print is substantial and rugged yet very space-conscious, less than two feet deep,” says Goldstein.

“We engineered it this way so our customers can maximize every inch of space at their warehouse or facility.”  Additionally, each kiosk can be customized with a menu of peripheral devices that securely integrate into its sleek design, from bar code scanners and card readers to web-enabled cameras, signature pads and biometric devices.

Touch screen monitor options include vivid screens ranging from 15 to 22 inches that can be equipped with privacy filters and an invisible antimicrobial coating.   “Any organization that wants to increase its output can benefit from having the right kiosk to automate orders or other aspects of production,” notes SeePoint’s Arfin. “For over a decade we have provided self-service solutions for everyone from hospitals to casinos, and have perfected a line of kiosks that save money and time, no matter your industry or need.”

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