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SeePoint kiosks automate prison law library, saving time and money at largest US sheriff’s department

Los Angeles, CA - Monday, October 27, 2014 -

Up to recently, corrections facilities required providing inmates with access to legal research materials were forced to purchase costly print versions of law books, maintaining them in a prison law library where they were subject to vandalism and theft, and needing regular replacement as new materials became available.

Now, SeePoint is helping prisons and corrections facilities meet this requirement in an easier, cost-effective way.

The kiosk manufacturers have supplied the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department with their durable All-In-One units — a compact security kiosk engineered with industrial grade components and designed to withstand the most punishing environments.

“In the past, corrections facilities were forced to buy expensive collections of law books then do the work of maintaining and housing them. Before long, it was time to order new or replacement materials,” explains Jonathan Arfin, CEO of SeePoint. “This is a costly proposition that involves a lot of administrative dollars and man-hours to accomplish. By using a specialized kiosk to automate their law libraries, prisons are saving money and time, plus freeing up officers and employees for other tasks.”

Loaded with the latest legal research locked behind SeePoint’s security software (to ensure proper restrictions on user access and materials), All-in-One kiosks have been successfully deployed to enable inmate access to timely legal research, and bring corrections facilities fully into compliance.

All-In-One corrections kiosks feature shatterproof touch screens made of 6 mm-thick tempered glass that can withstand vandalism and blows from a hammer. The unit is tamper-proof and has no exposed cables, wires or ports, inside is a solid-state hard drive and an industrial motherboard. The kiosk is mounted to a sealed chassis and sheltered with a protective metal cage.


Inmates use the kiosk’s responsive touch screen to access up-to-date legal research via a secure interface that can be utilized by even the most inexperienced computer user. By automating this requirement in a self-service kiosk, facilities face fewer inmate complaints and lawsuits stemming from a lack of access to legal research.

“For over a decade we have been engineering kiosks for the specific needs of prison and corrections environments," says Jeff Goldstein, vice president of sales at SeePoint. "We are deeply knowledgeable about the challenges found in these deployments, so we design our corrections kiosks around security, ease of use and no-to-low maintenance.”  


If more extensive durability is required, the All-In-One can be ordered in cast aluminum. The kiosk is installed using the universally recognized VESA mounting system, so prison facilities staff can quickly secure the unit to a wall or attach it to a swing arm, counter or cart.

"The flexibility and durability of the All-In-One kiosk make it an excellent choice for correctional facilities. The kiosk is budget-friendly, takes up very little space and is easy to get up and running,” says Jonathan Arfin, SeePoint's CEO. “Yet it’s tough as nails and can withstand catastrophic impact."


Easy to install and maintain, SeePoint kiosks have simplified the law library mandate for prisons and correctional institutions. By lifting the burden of ordering, housing and maintaining volumes of law books from individual facilities, the kiosks are saving them time and money.

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