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SeePoint Kiosks Used by JWLA to Streamline Indian Healthcare Data Collection

Los Angeles, CA - Wednesday, December 3, 2014 -

Every year, nearly 400 Indian health programs collect federally mandated clinical information from their patients via face-to-face interviews, then enter this information into electronic health records. And it’s all done by hand. 

J.L. Ward Associates, Inc. (JLWA), which specializes in Indian healthcare, came up with a way to improve the collection of this vital information. The California firm’s software application enables patients to self-report medical information, and the application programming interface allows this information to be exported to their electronic health records—eliminating the need for manual entry of data on the part of staff.

According to James Ward, President and CEO of JLWA, “The next issue we faced was ‘What hardware can we use for patients to complete the clinical information?’ We selected the VantagePoint Light kiosk.” 

“Overall,” says Ward. “Its design and functionality makes the VantagePoint Light the perfect delivery system for our software application.”

Engineered for health organizations, VantagePoint Light is an ADA compliant kiosk by SeePoint with a slender, tough design. Less than 17.5 inches deep, it’s constructed from vandal resistant steel and designed to withstand tampering and unauthorized usage. All system components are housed in the freestanding unit—which takes up only two square feet of floor space—and there are no exposed cables, wires or ports.

“We liked that the kiosk has a small footprint, so it can fit in most areas—even crowded areas,” notes JLWA’s Ward. “Second, the kiosk is solid and heavy. Healthcare staff are often concerned about children damaging the kiosk. We don't have to worry about that with the VantagePoint Light. It can’t be dropped, stolen or misplaced like a tablet. Third, the kiosk features no outward buttons or controls so a patient cannot alter any of the screen settings.”

A host of peripheral devices can be integrated into the VantagePoint Light kiosk, from biometric devices and card scanners to digital cameras and badge readers. Notable ADA-compliant features include a permanent, invisible anti-microbial coating that fights microorganisms, plus a privacy filter that’s secured over the touchscreen monitor in order to safeguard patient data. 

“Patient privacy is always a concern,” says Ward. “The HIPAA compliant filter is a perfect option to limit the viewing angles of the screen, so only the person standing directly in front of the screen can view it.”

“The VantagePoint Light is ideal for healthcare environments,” says SeePoint CEO Jonathan Arfin. “It’s cost effective and takes up a very small amount of space, yet it’s very robust in terms of processing power and speed, and can withstand the day to day rigors that come with unmonitored public use.” 

“We designed this kiosk to be a reliable staff member who’s on duty 24-7 from the day it arrives,” adds Jeff Goldstein, vice president of sales at SeePoint.

VantagePoint Light is delivered to healthcare sites fully integrated and assembled, free of cables and wires, so installation is easy for staff. The kiosk is removed from the box, plugged in and loaded with a custom healthcare application. And each unit is backed with comprehensive technical support.

“Over the years, we have really enjoyed working with SeePoint,” notes Ward. “Customer service and support is five stars.”

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About J.L. Ward Associates, Inc. (JLWA)

JLWA is an American Indian owned corporation that works with tribes, Indian organizations (tribal and urban), and federal agencies to plan, develop, implement, and evaluate programs and services in Indian health care, substance abuse and mental health, and Indian affairs. JLWA also develops federal regulations and resource materials for federal government agencies and conducts tribal consultation. For more information, visit

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