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SeePoint Corrections Kiosk Offers Cost Effective Inmate Solution for Dutchess County Sheriff's Department

Los Angeles, CA - Friday, April 24, 2015 -

Gone are the days when correctional facilities had to maintain law libraries filled with rows of costly legal texts. SeePoint, a leading provider of kiosk systems for corrections and law enforcement agencies, has produced a legal research solution that keeps facilities in compliance with state and federal mandates requiring inmates have access to up-to-date legal research.

Saving significant amounts of time and money, and bypassing the common drawbacks of maintaining a brick-and-mortar prison law library — namely, vandalism and theft — the California kiosk company’s latest innovation, WallStation Pro, is being effectively utilized by Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office in New York State, which ordered additional units for its county jail in Poughkeepsie after a successful initial test run. 

The robust, wall-mounted WallStation Pro is a compact kiosk carefully engineered to withstand rugged, high-security environments, starting with its vandal-resistant casing and steel bezel to its tamper-proof, vivid touch screen. Spanning 15, 19 or 24 inches wide, the WallStation Pro is the ideal kiosk for law enforcement and corrections due to its design: A completely self-contained unit with no exposed cables, wires or ports. 

“We realize that corrections facilities are facing two major challenges. A lack of physical space is one, and reduced budgets is another,” says Jonathan Arfin, CEO of SeePoint. “So we designed the WallStation Pro kiosk as a workaround for both. On one hand it’s an economical wall unit that’s incredibly durable, but also compact. On the other, it contains a wealth of legal research that is simple to update, so you stay in compliance without the hassle or expense of maintaining an actual law library.” 

SeePoint corrections kiosks allow inmates to access comprehensive legal research and reference material that is regularly updated, so budgets are not burdened with purchasing expensive law books that need to be replaced if they are stolen, destroyed or made obsolete by new editions. Inmates access the material via a secure, easy to use interface on the WallStation Pro which blocks unauthorized materials and Internet browsing.

According to Jeff Goldstein, vice president of sales at SeePoint. “Housing expensive collections of law books in a dedicated library is a drain on prison budgets, plus it requires extra staff to oversee and maintain. By automating the law library requirement, prisons save money and man hours. They have fewer complaints and lawsuits from inmates alleging that they’ve been denied access to legal research materials.”

WallStation Pro kiosks are fully integrated, which means the processor and power are neatly contained within the system. Equipped with an ADA-compliant pivoting head, the kiosk has a crystal-clear LCD panel and vandal-resistant touch screen that’s coated with AEGIS Microbe Shield, a permanent antimicrobial coating that wards off microorganisms like bacteria and mold, and keeps the kiosk free of stains and odor.

“We’ve worked closely with law enforcement and corrections for many, many years, so we know how to engineer kiosks tailored to the specific needs of the industry," states SeePoint’s Jeff Goldstein. “The WallStation Pro is an economical and space-saving legal research kiosk solution that neatly and successfully automates what was once a costly and time-consuming mandate for jails and prisons everywhere.”  

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The mission of the law enforcement division of the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office is to enforce city, town and village ordinances, the State Laws of New York, maintain peace and order in the county; protect property and the personal safety of its citizens and generally assist citizens in varied situations. 

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