North Carolina Maritime Museums

North Carolina Maritime Museums: One Historic Coast, Three Unique Museums, 20 Interactive Kiosks from SeePoint

Los Angeles - Friday, January 15, 2016 -
Like the lighthouses of the North Carolina coast that once served as a beacon to travelers and now provide some of its most magnificent vistas, the state’s triumvirate of maritime museums have now deployed more than 20 interactive kiosks from SeePoint to guide museum visitors and give them compelling views of North Carolina’s rich maritime heritage. After initial trials with just a few systems, the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources expanded the number of units to the current 20 and has plans for more.

With their latest expansion, the North Carolina Maritime Museums (NCMM) doubled its installation of SeePoint All in One touchscreen kiosks to enrich new, existing and travelling exhibits with engaging interactive content on subjects as diverse as maritime history, shipwrecks, biology, ecology and the archaeology of the North Carolina coast.

The flexible design of the kiosks was a key factor in the selection of SeePoint by NCMM. With three museums and a calendar full of special shows, programming for adults and children and outreach events, NCMM wanted an interactive solution that seamlessly integrates with other elements of their exhibits and that is easy to install and repurpose again and again. The SeePoint systems offer a wide variety of mounting options and a slim profile to easily embed the kiosks within exhibits, the ability to integrate with surrounds and other signage as well as display content in landscape or portrait mode and also multiple USB ports for integration with other devices so the kiosks can support NCMM’s evolving needs and exhibits. As part of the North Carolina’s leadership in the arts, NCMM’s goal is to add to the rich cultural history of the state by offering experiences in learning and reflection. The three museums combine to stimulate learning and preserve the state’s distinguished maritime heritage. The SeePoint kiosks support this educational mission with their ability to be easily and frequently updated. The museums use various interactive applications, websites and content, which can reside on the kiosks or be stored remotely, routinely using a mix of both methods, to allow the museums to actively engage with their visitors.

Physically unobtrusive, the systems are always ready to go, and without exposed switches, ports or need for additional enclosures, the kiosks can be integrated repeatedly for different installations. Additionally, with built in security software installed, the museums do not need to worry about introducing new vulnerabilities into their networks or the potential for misuse.

Strong and enduring, like the lighthouses of the North Carolina coast, SeePoint kiosks are helping the North Carolina Maritime Museums shine a guiding light on their state’s rich cultural heritage.

About NC Maritime Museum: The three North Carolina Maritime Museums preserve, protect and present North Carolina’s coastal history. They paint a picture of the history and maritime culture that includes fishing, boat building, piracy, decoy carving, life-saving, war, underwater archaeology, shipwrecks, boating, the seafood industry, and marine life, science and ecology. Each of the museums is unique, and offers year-round public programming and free admission.

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