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Turnkey Solutions - VP Pro - Card Printing Vending Kiosk Solution
Completely Integrated Card Printing
Touch Screen Kiosk System with Optional Dual Display

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This next generation self-service card printing kiosk can securely authenticate
the identity of the user – instantly and reliably produce a custom card or badge
with images and text as well as encoding personal information into the
magstripe or printed barcode.
From the bright and clear touch screen to the choice of printer, peripherals and
colors, the VantagePoint Pro can be configured with a vast array of options.
Users will find the front facing cabinet and pull out shelves easy to use and maintian.
All devices are seamlessly integrated, tested and configured prior to
shipment for insuring easy installation and setup.
The VantagePoint Pro’s unique hopper designs provides card capacity to meet
the demands of high usage without frequent refilling. Additionally, this kiosk has
been designed and engineered with an array of special features, such as its card
presentation mechanism, useful lighting, pivoting head, flitered cooling fans and
secure locking cabinet, to ensure that your user receives a custom ID or card on
demand, at any time and every time.
Irrespective of the specific industry, the VantagePoint Pro’s 24-7 self service card
printing kiosk is an easy and cost effective way to get and keep new customers
and administer to visitors as well as improve customer service and increase
customer loyalty.
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