Product Detail
Kiosk Software & Solutions - KioWare Kiosk OS
  • Complete kiosk operating software
  • No title, menu, favorites or status bars
  • Navigation toolbar, Address bar and Scrollbars are optional
  • Customizable Toolbar Skins
  • Special purpose key filtering (F1-12, Ctrl, Alt, Del)
  • Attract Screens (Video, Stills, Audio)¬†automatically displayed
  • Security mat or proximity switch can be used to initiate and stop a user's session
  • Phone calls - provide a simple mechanism to place outgoing phone calls
  • Barcode scanner support
  • Magstripe reader support
  • Remote Configuration using XML
  • Remote Monitoring capability with a centralized server

  • It isn't even obvious a web application is being run
  • Browser and Desktop are completely locked down
  • KioWare can run as OS Shell to improve performance and security
  • Logoff script can be automatically run when application resets
  • Domain user credentials automatically destroyed when application resets
  • User Cookies and cache can be automatically destroyed when application resets
  • Automatically upload usage statistics to a centralized server
  • Automatically download content from a centralized server

KioWare Kiosk is a secure browser that automatically runs web applications without modification and handles kiosk specific issues. It allows you to turn a standard website into a self-service kiosk application. Configure KioWare to restrict access to the application(s) or
website(s) you permit. KioWare kiosk software is available for both Windows IE or Chrome.

Any SeePoint kiosk can come preloaded with the various products Kioware provides.  For Remote Management Kioware SeePoint can pre-configure a server version.  The server console allows you to centrally monitor all of the devices running KioWare Full for Windows. Through the server side console you are able to remotely monitor the kiosk health, retrieve kiosk usage reports, collect survey data, and push content out to the kiosk(s).

KioWare supports a robust list of supported external peripheral devices.  For example,
peripheral devices such as printers can be programmed using Kioware, to alert authorized personnel that paper is getting low via e-mail or text. There is also support for card readers, bar codes, fingerprint reading and drivers license validation. 

The latest addition to the KioWare product line is KioCloud, a kiosk management solution that is subscription based and hosted by KioWare.  With KioCloud, our traditional KioWare Server capabilities are available to clients that do not want the responsibility of hosting.

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