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Many of the digital assets needed to create your kiosk content and application already exist within your organization. Existing video assets, websites and other back end technology can all be re-purposed as major building blocks for your kiosk application. Our flexible and reliable content integration services provide a framework for organizing your digital assets on your kiosks, and we design graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that allow your users to intuitively access these assets from the kiosk.

SeePoint’s content integration services take your existing content and produce the next level of interaction with your audience by deploying them to your kiosk systems and interactive digital signage. By streaming your latest product promotions you will be able to and gather thousands of leads from your kiosk systems. Our kiosk integration services focus on interface design (GUI), content security, usability and remote analysis. These services allow you to continually and quickly deploy fresh, exciting and user friendly content without the need for extensive and additional in house technical support.

 In addition to kiosk content integration, SeePoint offers kiosk application testing services. Usability testing is by far the most efficient and revealing method to ensure that the kiosks perform as expected and your users can easily and intuitively fulfill their objectives. In a usability test, users perform tasks and interact with your product in a controlled setting. SeePoint uses these tests to pinpoint problems and gather insights about how to fix those problems while simultaneously gathering rich performance and feedback data to improve your content.

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