Product Detail
Kiosk Software & Solutions - Site Kiosk OS
  • OS & Browser Lockdown
  • Start screen generator
  • Configuration tool with customizable user interface
  • Internet and restricted content filtering
  • On-screen keyboards
  • Chrome engine support
  • Auto start + Shell replacement
  • Scheduled Shutdown & Restart
  • Session Reset after idle time
  • Folder/file Access Management
  • Logout (Clear history)
  • Device support
    • Payments
    • Printing
    • Biometric
  • Track usage and statistics
  • Remote administration from central server
    • Content management and multi media campaigns
    • Maintenance and monitoring

  • Control and maintain public PCs such as SeePoint tablets, kiosks and digital signage
  • Secure devices against unauthorized use
  • Track usage, health and versions
  • Easily to setup, configure and maintain
SiteKiosk software provides lockdown browser and kiosk software for safeguarding public access computers, tablets and kiosks.
Start pages, browser skins and onscreen keyboards determine the look and feel of your kiosks (Graphical User Interface). SiteKiosk comes with a variety of ready-to-use designs to choose from.  All visual components of the standard software can be accessed and altered even further by any web developers or programmers proficient in coding using Web technologies like HTML, JavaScript and XML.
In addition to providing all the tools required for an easy to use self service front end interface, SiteKiosk also has a server solution which is perfect for self-service, public PC and digital signage projects. The server-based SiteRemote management console makes it easy for you to manage and monitor your computers as well as quickly create and publish engaging multi-media campaigns on your digital signage screens and kiosks.
With support for dozens of peripheral devices SiteKiosk software in conjunction with SeePoint kiosk
hardware will create a secure self service kiosk that provides an easy to use touch screen application to help enhance the end user experience.
For developers, SiteKiosk offers extensive options to meet your customization requirements. While the  SiteKiosk browser, start page templates and on-screen keyboards can already be customized to a degree through the configuration tool, additional customization's can be scripted to ensure the solution meets your needs precisely.

Now featuring IE & Chrome browser engine, and Windows 10 support!
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