Heartbeat Monitoring

Health and security are taken seriously with every kiosk that SeePoint installs. With SeePoint's Remote Management Service, your connected kiosks will notify our servers on a scheduled basis that they are working and healthy. If that heartbeat is not received our technicians will issue a trouble ticket, initiating the discovery and repair process. Within a 24 hour turnaround period our team of technicians will contact the location and execute the diagnostics steps necessary to reinstate the heartbeat. If necessary, we will dispatch the needed support and bring the system back on-line.

As part of our heartbeat monitor, our customers can receive a variety of reports on their systems. These include:

Usage Statistics Displays usage statistics for one or all kiosks within a project
Project Overview Lists each kiosk in a project with revision (current and new) and last check-in times
Heartbeat Report Displays history of heartbeats received from a kiosk. Can drill into any heartbeat for detailed view of 30+ performance parameters.
Content Update History Displays history of files downloaded to the kiosk.
Survey Data Results Displays summary statistics of survey information uploaded from kiosk.
Content Traversal Used to analyze the most common paths taken by the user. Ex, what was the most common second page viewed?
Kiosk Events Displays the event log for a kiosk.
Urgent Event Log Displays the urgent event log for a kiosk.
Stats Upload History Displays the history of statistics uploaded for a kiosk.
Survey Results Upload History Displays the history of surveys uploaded for a kiosk.
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