Kiosk system integration services from SeePoint allow expedited kiosk deployment with less up front costs than a standard initiative. SeePoint's system integration services are ideal when most of your content, such as an e-commerce website or other existing application, is developed and only minor modifications and device support are required to get your kiosks in the field.

SeePoint's technical services department will test and integrate your website, software system, intranet or e-business application, conduct a comprehensive user analysis and provide recommendations to ensure reliable public access to the application from the kiosk. SeePoint can also ship your kiosks to you or their final destination, pre-configured to start right up with the required programs and kiosk operating software. SeePoint can even test complete connectivity and operation remotely.

Using a suite of management utilities, SeePoint can monitor, schedule, track and update your installed kiosk system.

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