SeePoint is a full service manufacturer and happy to discuss your project with you. We bring all of the latest technologies and processes to be bear on every product we undertake. Our flexible manufacturing process allows us to make one kiosk custom or 1000 custom kiosks for our customers.

No Touch Solution

We can offer our customers No Touch solution that involves customer owned inventory and merging of our product from various points direct to distribution or retail channels. This involves the management of the complete inbound supply chain, manufacturing of the products and outbound supply chain.

Built-to-Order and Configure-to-Order

Built-to-order enables our customers' to design the kiosk system that is perfect for their project without the expense of starting from scratch.

Mass Customization

This strategy requires having specific processes in place to create the ability to deliver highly customized products at the lowest total costs. The core of mass customization is the ability to increase product variety and customization without increasing costs. The key to mass customization is to standardize early portions of the production process and to postpone the task of differentiation until the last possible point in the supply chain network.

The benefits of customization are:

  • Lower total cost
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Competitive advantage
  • Flexibility under changing market conditions
  • Broader product lines
  • Higher quality products
  • Avoidance of forecast errors
  • Avoidance of purchasing delays

For our customers, SeePoint focuses on

  • Flexibility and responsiveness to customized orders
  • Cost-effective delivery of quality product to customer
  • Flexibility and responsiveness to deliver finished goods quickly
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