Vandal Resistant Kiosks

SeePoint kiosks provide years of reliable service and protect against vandalism and misuse. To withstand the rigors presented by public use and unattended applications, SeePoint incorporates special patented designs, technology and features in every kiosk.

SeePoint kiosks are designed to deter loss, damage and vandalism. These tightly integrated, application specific units are manufactured from powder coated high grade steel and injection molded PC/ABS plastics with all steel fasteners. With no exposed cables, ports or switches, SeePoint kiosks make it difficult for the end user to disable the kiosk or its application.

Sealed from the front and locked from the back, SeePoint kiosks are designed to respond to the unique challenges of interfacing in public settings. SeePoint touch screen gaskets prevent dust intrusion, and all keyboards/trackballs are sealed against fluids and dust. SeePoint computers are designed to withstand the heat, dirt and vibrations that come with being part of unattended self service devices. Hard drives are shock mounted, and redundant computer fans keep systems cool. All peripheral devices are tightly integrated to ensure maximum uptime for the kiosks.

SeePoint kiosks also strike the right balance between the cost effectiveness of a consumer electronic and the most rugged system defenses available with a military grade all in one unit. SeePoint customers enjoy a lower total cost of ownership. When the high costs of replacement, support and vandalism are added to upfront costs of lesser systems, SeePoint kiosks offer a superior value proposition. SeePoint provides a cost effective, vandal resistant, highly reliable kiosk solution.

In addition to a host of vandal resistant kiosk features that come standard.

Upgrade with:

  • Upgrade with 6mm Tempered Bullet Resistant Touch Screens
  • Stainless Steel with Brushed Finish
  • Locking/ Bolting Security Brackets
  • Custom features like cast aluminum housings, secure screws and locking covers.
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